Picture of Gears of War Cog Tags
This is my first instructable  and these are my cog tags from the video game Gears of War.
My cog tags are made out of 3mm aluminum and were both engraved and cut out using a CNC Mill

-3mm Aluminum
-chain, string

Machines Used
-CNC Mill
-Buffing Machine

Step 1: Engraving And Cutting Out

First i engraved the aluminum and then cut it out on the CNC mill.
I used a 60 degrees vbit for the engraving and a 3mm ball nose bit for the cut.
Found that cutting it out at a slower speed gave the best results.
BIGxFACE091 year ago
AWESOME could you make more stuff from gears of war?
Quartz4762 years ago
Haha he screwed up... Governments* dumbass :D
If you're cheap (like me :P) and don't have a CNC or 3D printer, just get some nice big washers, print out the design and then just cuz the design in with a band saw or dremal. Then for the words I guess do some letter etching with acid and electricity.
Well done I knew you could do it!
awwww_you_know (author) 2 years ago
I used Pro Desktop 8 to Draw it and the mill i used was CNC Shark router
Kiteman2 years ago
They look very nice - what software did you use to draw them, and what kind of CNC mill did you use?