Gears of War Led Tail Light.


Introduction: Gears of War Led Tail Light.

About: What should I say...? I need more Tools !!

Man... I love this game ,and I want to everybody knows about it I made in a few hours a Rear Laser tail light to my ride that  functions with the reverse and when I step on the brake.
I just needed an old skull of an old Bike handlebars,a gear ,two cheap lasers leds,some wire and Paint.
Find a Skull an drill some holes when the lasers lead where placed, then solder the leds to a wire and conect in the Brake lights and reverse Lights.
Hope You like it rated and vote.



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    No en serio...sumerce no tiene acciones en Ibles...?Quien les da las ideas para los contest...?...Just kiddn...muchisima suerte con todas tus entradas...muy seguramente lo lograras...

    Jajajajajaja! Gracias Mr. Sanchez!!

    Gracias Mc....yo vere yo vere... I said:"cheapo lasers" sems like only leds...I´m gonna Fix it..thnks for ur comment.

    Thanks for posting your Gears of War Laser Tail light! It should let any members of the Locust Horde know that you are stopping and/or backing up. Good luck in the photo contest.

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    Yeahhhh...I´m Gonna blast them with my Lasers...Thnks wilgubeast.pls rated...and try at home.

    I need one of these to my bike.thnks.