Hi! I hope this works for you and your gecko. And I made up this creation, and I don`t know if it will work because my gecko is sleeping and he gets squirmy and sometimes bites. But he is pretty tame. This is very simple to make. Hope this works!

Step 1:

You will need:
A lizard (Gecko would work best)
A piece of thick ribbon (optional)

First, you need a piece of string about 7 ½ inches. (If not a big gecko then about 4 ½ inches.)  Tie both ends of your string together so it makes a circle. Tie it tight. You don’t want your little friend to get loose and run away.  Loop the string so it is a figure 8. Tie the middle of the figure 8 really tight with another piece of string. 
Awesome! That is so cool!

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