Geears of War 2 Lancer




Introduction: Geears of War 2 Lancer

This is a replica Gears of War 2 Lancer.
This took me two afternoons to build.
This is my first Instructable so please leave feedback.
It is very fun to make two of these and use them
to "Chainsaw duel" as seen in Gears of War 2.

So, lets get ready to build........

Step 1: Piece Count

Here is a piece count...
This piece count may not be all correct,
but it is pretty close.
Here it is.....

Grey =  1
Red = 14
Yellow = 18
White = 132
Green = 132


Green = 68
Yellow = 46
Red = 20
Blue = 13
Purple = 14
Orange = 20
White = 19
Light Gray = 4
Dark Gray = 8


Gray Gears = 9
Blue Spacers = 3
Gray Spacers = 3
Black Wheels = 3
Y Clips = 5
Black Tip = 1
Full Hindges = 5

Theres the Piece count!


Step 2: Bottom of the Front

Make picture one,
Add picture two to picture three,
This is a two layer lancer so look at picture four it shows how,
At the end this piece will look like picture five.

Step 3: Front Top

Make picture one, (This is also is two layer)
Add picture two to picture one,
This should Look like picture three.

Step 4: Misc. Parts

Make picture two, (This is two layer)
Make picture three and four, (This is the the same piece in two pictures)
Make picture five, (This is also two layer).

Step 5: Back

Make pictures 1, 2, 3, (This is one piece but in three pictures).

Step 6: Putting It All Together

 Just follow the pictures one through thirteen and you'll have it together in no time!



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    Hey, don't eat to much B4 playing Gears... SO DON'T CURB STOMP THAT APITITE

    I like all the characters............

    who do you like more baird marcus cole or dom or a carmine b carmine jack who do u like the best i like cole

    My sisters BF's cousin... hes 4 and hes amazing... Yeah..

    Not necessarily. Could be pretending to be cool by building stuff from a game that all the cool kids are playing. But I wouldn't be surprised to hear if his parents were dumb enough to let him play that.

    e man do you have a bucket for me
    i really have to trow up
    blaaaa blaaaa

    Hmm.. Your Lancer, Bakenbitz's Lancer...


    you should really fill it up, make it stronger, make it shoot and make the chain work

    You can make this in  to a five or six layer model just dont use piece count.

    So, you're ten? Should probably get off the internet.

    Flimsy gun. Thought it was a work in progress when I saw it. This is the sort of thing I made when I was working on the side of a gun.

    There have been knex lancer models with working chain, sturdy 5 layer bodies, and they shoot. 

    looks flimsy, not worknig, not many people build modles anyway