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Introduction: Geek Bling

I already made this a while ago, so no disassembly pictures.
I had a 4gb "flash" drive a while back and like most small things, I lost it. It was several months before it was found under some couch cushions, needless to say it wouldn't work. I pondered what to do with it for a while, and then an idea struck me, be gangster.

Step 1: Cracking

Needed: pliars, a thin and stiff blade of some sort, small scissors, a drill, a small drill bit, and small phillips/torx bits

First, take the ill-fated drive apart as gently as you can, easing the plastic open slowly untill the case starts to really pop off. Now take the drive out gently (you dont want a dented drive) cut all data and power attachments on the drive as close to the drive as you can. Now you take the screwdriver of choice and remove all visible and hidden screws.

Step 2: Blingification

Once you have the drives guts exposed, the fun can begin. look for the best place to drill a small hole to stick a jumper ring in or a necklace chain through. Drill the hole and test fit your chain.

If all went well, you now have some extrodinarily geeky bling you can show off to your nerd buddies or give as a geeky gift. Have fun!



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What exactly did you salvage that from. Im looking to make one and i dont know what i should break.

I got it from an older "flash" drive, it wasn't actually flash based obviously. You might try some larger and/or older Ipods, they have the potential for drives due to the sheer size.

what? that was a "flash" drive? i thought maybe it was from an ipod, almost all of the ipods have "microdrives" even the new ipod touches, i thought that is what that was from...

Nope. I have never opened one up or actually owned an one. and I have very little contact with em anyway.

No, its difficult doing much of anything at that size, and they would be too small to do much with anyway.

Awesome, thanks. I just bought 12 ipod hard drives on ebay :) Those will work, right?

Theoretically they should, they are tiny. Are you going to sell them?

I really would like to know what kind of "flash" drive that was, because i have some ideas like this that would be awesome.