I present to you my D&D dice jewelry.

Critical Hit Ring:
I roughed up the loneliest number on the die, and super-glued it to an adjustable ring base.

Tri-Force Tie-Tac / Lapel Pin:
I roughed up one side, and super glued it to a pin blank. Done.

Caged Power Pendant:
An easy wire wrap that you can put any die into. wear it as a pendant, or double 'em up for a pair of earrings.

Drop Mic.
myadee2 years ago
Beauty in simplicity
American Ruin (author)  myadee2 years ago
Kiteman2 years ago
Hehe, those are cool.
American Ruin (author)  Kiteman2 years ago
Supay2 years ago
These would make for some awesome cuff links for those times when I have to wear some hated formal wear.
American Ruin (author)  Supay2 years ago
I thought so too, but i couldn't find cufflink blanks at Michael's... but i know they can be found online.