Geek Chic: Hard Drive Wind Chimes





Introduction: Geek Chic: Hard Drive Wind Chimes

Practical Recycling: Turning a couple dead hard disks into a beautiful, shiny wind chime. Save the environment, spare the landfills and find your Zen.



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Great instructable. A word of warning to folks though... Hard drives are EXTREMELY refelective. I did this a while back and very quickly got complaints from neighbors, and my wife about the sun reflections these cause. Put this in a shaded area or you will never be able to look outside again.

Also good for keeping birds and other wildlife out of your garden.

OMG! That sounded very nice at the end. Great job!

Very nice! good reuse of what would normally be considered junk

Neat, but just a word of warning - Don't try this with 2.5" laptop drives as some of the platters are made of glass. I bent one of these once to see what sort of 'metal' they were made of and it shattered into a billion high velocity razor sharp shards. Live and learn . . .

Great point! I meant to mention that in the video, thank you for bringing it up!

Like it. It would be nice to hear more of how they sound at the end.