A geek-ed up business / credit card holder.
I came up with this crazy idea when my laptop hard drive died and was basically rendered useless. I have included the completed images here.

Step 1: What You Will Need.

What you will need is the following.
1 x Old laptop hard drive - preferably not one that has any important data on it.
Gaffa tape or any black tape will do.
1  x Balsa wood - 3mm thick sheet
tarzan glue or muti purpose glue.
torx screw drive to suit the screws that are on a small laptop hard drive.
1 x old credit card or the like for testing
some stiff cardboard - I used an old  folder that is used to hold documents.
Felt Black  tip pen

Sounds like a great idea for my desk @ work, but any chance of more photos?&nbsp; I'd like to see more visuals of each step, and certainly of the finished product.<br />
Bad form to reply to myself, I know, but I&nbsp;just realised the finished product photos were at the start.&nbsp; Apologies.&nbsp; Would've still liked to see more photos of the steps along the way though...<br />
Sorry Korvan, It was a project that was basically a brain burst. It started of as a tinker and then just evolved into something quite novel. I purposely left the construction&nbsp; side vague as I found as I tinkered I made some monumental mistakes which I had to fudge to make right and tried to document the right way of doing than the wrong way that I did it. It was a one off project and I decided to share it.<br />

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