I wanted to make some very personalized and funky earrings to give to my little sister. She loves all the classics--Zelda, Totoro, Nintendo, Invader Zim, Robots, etc., and generally loves to wear anything that screams loud and proud to the world "I LOVE THIS STUFF!!" While her backpack, t-shirts, shoes, shoelaces, necklaces, and hats all carry the stamps of various anime and video game titles, her ears remained sadly unadorned. Luckily I stepped up to include her ears in the party.

This instructable covers how to make awesome Instructables Robot earrings to show off your love for Instructables. Once you know the basic process of attaching pieces, firing, and painting the clay, the other geek earrings are easy to make! I have included drawing 'patterns' of the other earrings with all the shapes broken down.

It is simple to make earrings of just about any character or object using this process. Happy making!

Step 1: Materials

- White Sculpey or Fimo clay
- Pin or needle
- Toothpick
- Acrylic paints
- Thin jewelry wire
- Thick wire (coathanger ok)
- Two earring findings
- Jump rings
- Tiny paintbrushes
- Pliers
- Clear Nail Polish
- Oven
- Baking Dish

These earrings cost VERY little to make. Each pair uses 1/16-1/8 a block of Sculpey, which is around $2.50 for the whole block. All the other materials are used in tiny quantities.
<p>These are really adorable :) </p>
These are way too cute!
I made this with sculpey III. The earrings were a great idea!! i made GIR earrings. Thanks for the idea!!! i cant wait to wear them at school.
I have a question about the polymer clay-<br><br>The polymer clay I bought is labeled &quot;Original Sculpey&quot;, and when I work with it it's super soft and really hard to hold without mushing, especially in the small size of an earring. Then I remembered another polymer clay, &quot;Sculpey III&quot; and am wondering is there any difference between the two (or three, but I've never heard of &quot;Sculpey II&quot;) in terms of usage, firmness, etc? Thanks~
I love the wii remotes very funny/cute. you should really think about making and selling these on etsy
Thank you! I make earrings to-order for anyone who requests it. Etsy is a great idea, but keeping up an etsy shop seems like so much work! I really admire people who have that patience and dedication.
Those Totoro earrings are so cute! Great instructable!
Thanks! They are definitely my little sister's favorite, and her friends at school all want matching Totoro earrings. He is such a popular guy.
The perfect accessory to wear with a geek-chic Instructables robot T-shirt!
I absolutely LOVE these earrings. Best of Luck Emily!
CONGRATULATIONS EMILY!!!!! I can always pick a WINNER!!!
I would like to publicly THANK Emily for selling me this pair of Robot Earrings for my wife. She LOVES THEM!!! She said this was the sweetest and BEST gift I've given her in a long time. She said your craftsmanship was &quot;superb&quot; too. LOL, I guess we both get brownie points. Thanks again!
I am so glad the earrings were a hit! Thanks for your support and kind words. Let me know if you need a matching necklace or charm bracelet around Christmastime :)
i was thinking to make a similar one. but the was using porcelain clay..:0 great work:)
So cute! Good job!<br>
Hey Emily, you should enter these in the Color contest, too, if you haven't already.
these are soooo cute. i will have to make them!
I would love to see a picture when you are done!
The robot and Totoro are so cute! :D Great documentation, too!
Thanks! The Totoro earrings were definitely my little sister's favorite too.
For great Justice! This is awesome.
My wife would go nuts for a pair! Great ible!!!!
This is everything an instructable should be. I really like what you've done here as well as your other work. Thank you.
Wow--you are so kind! This is my first step-by-step instructable, so I wanted to make sure it was perfect. Thank you for your encouragement.<br><br>I love your jewelry pieces--they are all so simple and inventive!
v.geeky v.cool! Great job!

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