Introduction: Geek Group Lab Tour Jan 2010

Hey everyone, It's time for a new tour of the Lab. During this video you will see many things like:
* 1800 PSI Copper Pneumatic Canon
* The parts cabinets
* Why the "Worlds Largest Newtons Cradle" isn't in use yet.
* Soundstage and surroundings (Set A and B)
* All the test equipment that you can use if you visit
* The new CNC lathe and mill etc.
* Machine shop/room
* Control room
* Video editing equipment
* Recording Studio
* High Voltage storage room
* Garage complete with Wardriving Geekmobiles :-)
* Avionics guages

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Qsam (author)2011-01-14

aww id love that place. To bad im not in Michigan. Well awesome place anyway

thermoelectric (author)Qsam2011-01-14

They've actually moved to Grand Rapids now. If you check out their current videos, you can see them getting their new lab up to spec.

The Ideanator (author)2010-01-13

Thermo, you know not that I live IN MICHIGAN!!! This is soo cool! Once my car works, I must go visit them!

Haha. You should check out their website and join the forums if you haven't already done so, you can find out a lot of info, and maybe tell the group that your coming, lol. Wither way, I't be pretty cool if you went there, they have a ton of stuff (as you just saw)

(Stupid I'bles, why didn't you notify me of your comment?)

Hehe, I didn't see this one till just now.

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