Introduction: Geek Group Laser Collection Overview

During this video, Chris will be showing The Geek Group's laser collection to us all. The lasers range from barcode scanning modules with diode lasers, to the big laser, with medium sized HeNe lasers in between. The laswer which work are powered on, the other are either broken or don't have a power supply

Like this video? Check out the rest of The Geek Group videos on their Youtube channel. Wanna see if there are conversations going on about the lasers? Join the forums on The Geek Group's website. I can tell you from experience, It is well worth it!



SHOE0007 (author)2016-08-07

When i was in Photonics at Algonquin we played around with Ne-He 5 mw red 632.8 nm laser. We used it for simple experiments and complex ones with fiber optic cables.

Eventually we worked with the big lasers: Nitrogen laser, Argon ion laser and a few 20 W and 100 W carbon dioxide lasers.

I even build a 0.5 to 1 W Nitrogen laser that was different (Comparable outputs) for my thesis.

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