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Introduction: Geek Keychain

Hi!, this is my first Instructable! Going to make a keychain with computer keys. It's simple, and can be completed in less than 15 minutes. Let there.
You need:
-The ring of a keychain
-Links (from a fine chain, for example)
-Computer keys (please, you don't remove the keys to your new computer =P)
-Barbecue skewer (or similar)

Sorry for my bad English, I'm Spanish!

Step 1: Make Holes in the Keys

First, heat the barbecue skewer with a lighter (about 10-15 seconds). Then, make a hole in the side of the key, pushing strong but slowly. Remove the skewer barbecue fast to avoid sticking. You can remove the remains of plastic with pliers.

Step 2: Unite the Keys

Open the link with the help of pliers. Now tuck it through the holes of two consecutive keys and then close it with pliers.Repeat this step until you unite all keys.

Leaves some links after the last piece (if you want) and locks the ring of a keychain in the last link.

Step 3: Ready!

Now you can rest assured not to lose your keys (both computer and home =P) and not stop presume to be geek.

If you have any problem write me.

Thanks for your time, I hope you have enjoyed!



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    I like it!, a little polish and it'll be wonderfull
    Silicone could work, also FIMO

    I made lik 6 1 says fav one says geeks rock

    Cool! , I have some old keys laying around , but ... Come on it is not a cake!

    ops o.O! it's true!

    Someone knows how to leave the cake's contest?...=S

    No estoy seguro , tengo que averiguar , y no te preocupes tu ingles es bueno

    ok! your Spanish it's nice too!

    i'm mexican , esta medio dificil que no sepa hablar espanol

    Finally, a Mexican on the site!!!!
    (sorry I saw the spanish writing and couldn't help myself)
    Mi ingles no es muy bueno, pero si estoy viviendo en los Estados Unidos me lo tengo que aprender no hehe =D

    it's not an april fools joke either.