Geeky Apple Earrings





Introduction: Geeky Apple Earrings

So you're a fan of Apple products and want to show your support, but don't happen to have enough "pocket change" to buy their most recent $899 MacBook Air. This is for you. This is the perfect project for anyone who wants to show her appreciation for Apple's products while remaining within her budget.

Step 1: Materials

For this project you will need:

An Apple Cord (Broken cords are preferred.)

Two Earring Hooks

Two 3/4" Pieces of Wire (The gauge of the wire should be similar to the gauge of your hooks.)

A Pair of Pliers


Krazy Glue

A Pin or Toothpick


Step 2: Completion

Use your scissors to cut both ends off an Apple cord. Next, fold both 3/4" pieces of wire in half, creating a mostly closed loop. Lace each wire into its earring hook, and cramp the ends of the loop closed with pliers, as shown. Use a toothpick or pin to carefully insert some Krazy Glue into the now vacant end of the USB/30-Pin and push the cramped end of the loop into the aforesaid hole. Wait for the glue to dry, and.....shazzaam! have a pair of Geeky Apple Earrings!

Have fun!

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    very nice looking, what a good idea.

    Reuse at it's Finest; usb cables beware >.>

    Thanks for the comment! I hope everyone who makes these earrings enjoys them as much as I do.

    Ok, now this is cool! I love all things geeky!