Geeky Art - Old Motherboards in Ikea RIBBA Frame





Introduction: Geeky Art - Old Motherboards in Ikea RIBBA Frame

I had a couple of old motherboards and PC components lying around. Since they were rather colourful and I had a plain wall to decorate, I decided to have them framed. 

Unwilling to have a custom frame made for them, I headed down to Ikea where I found 520 x 520mm RIBBA frames (Article Number: 601.798.01) had a picture width of 490mm, just enough room for two ATX motherboards side by side, or 4 mATX.

Because the motherboard was thicker than the maximum 30mm depth, I had to remove the IO ports to make them fit. Unfortunately, I had some trouble melting the lead-free solder with my project soldering iron and I had to pry them off with pliers. Many scratches and pricks later, the thinned-down motherboards were hot glued onto the frame. A few screw holes for fastening were also added for good measure. 

As the frame was now much heavier  than Ikea designed it to be, I was afraid the original clips would not hold. So holes were added to thread another wire for hanging. Hope this inspires you to give new life to those old / non-functional PC components!

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I made something a little different


Hi, Love this, I would be tempted to add some little LED lights to the side to throw shadows and highlights and act as ambient light but it looks really cool as it is

yea i was considering that too, but the cables were a turn off. =P

If you really want to add LEDs but don't want visible wiring, you could use batteries and simply turn it on once in a while, like when you have guests over- and if you know what you're doing you could even get fancy and add a timer or light sensor to turn the LEDs on/off.

I wonder which would look more interesting: LEDs around the edge of the frame to light the top of the boards OR making the entire piece backlit? :O

Best of luck! :)

I like this as well! Could open up a hard drive and use that as well!