Introduction: Geeky Diode Valantine Heart Pendent and Diode and Resistor Earrings.

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I really didn’t know what to get my wife for Valentines Day, and since we have a rule that me can’t spend over $20 on a gift, my options were rather limited.

So I decided to make her some jewelry (this is my first time ever).

Now, my wife is a electronic engineer, so I thought that something made out of basic electronic components could look nice, and make her smile. :D

Since the only thing that I had to buy was the earring back and some chain for the pendent, total cost (no including the diodes and resister that I already had) was way below budget.

You can make this in about 20min and earn a big kiss and hug.

Step 1: Earrings.

Picture of Earrings.
  1. Make a loop on one end of the diode (this is where you’ll attach it to the earring back)
  2. Get 3 green resistors (they look better than the brown ones) and solder then together like in the pic.Remember, use only lead free solder
  3. Cut the other lead en the diode and solder the resistors to it
  4. Attach the earring back to the diode loop you made.

Step 2: Pendent.

Picture of Pendent.

I taped the diode down so i could solder them together first.
After that, i cut the extra leads, sanded the joints and did the chain loop.

All that's left is the chocolates and flowers!

My you get a bunch of smiles, kisses and hugs!


peacefulshades (author)2012-02-15

Oh I would so dig wearing these.... time to make some!

urant (author)peacefulshades2012-02-15


twturley47 (author)2012-02-13

So are those 1n4001's or 1n4005's ? Hard to tell from photos. :-)
All kidding aside , very clean look. I can see me giving them as a gift. Good job!

urant (author)twturley472012-02-13

Actually, they are 1N5400 .

PS118 (author)2012-02-10

Four diodes? Sounds like a great way to rectify your relationship. :)

MikB (author)PS1182012-02-11

Re: First picture, middle item ... a true geek would have wired the four diodes into an electrically functioning bridge rectifier, with the resistor across as a "load", and the necklace hoops as the AC in legs. :)

Like this ...

You could even use a little red flashing LED across there, like a heartbeat!

urant (author)MikB2012-02-11

I actually did think of this set up, but I went more with style that substance...I know, i know, but i did think that the shape I ended up with looked nicer.

freethetech (author)PS1182012-02-10

You, sir, are pure genius :P

urant (author)PS1182012-02-10


ChrysN (author)2012-02-10


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