Picture of Geeky Greeting Card Using Old Floppy Disks
Alright another Instructable for the geeks! Well, could be for anybody..

Its a heart-felt greeting card with a touch of geekiness. Best Friend week / Friendship day is coming and I wanted to make something for her.


1.A post card or any thick paper, plain white paper (size A4 will do)
2.Two floppy disks
3.Scale, ruler , pencil, eraser, colors etc.
4.Double-sided tape, glue, cellophane tape etc.
5.Pair of scissors

and that should be it.

Step 1: Apply Glue on the post card

Picture of Apply Glue on the post card
First make a crease dividing the card in half. Open it again, then apply glue on one side or both, really doesn't matter. We just want a canvas to draw and write.
DustBunny2 years ago
I have a ton of never used floppies in different colors. This is a great idea. I suppose you can use plastic spray paint if you don't like the standard black or beige.

A true geek, still has a working floppy drive. You can add a message file and see if the recipient sees it and is a true geek.
lllshreelll (author)  DustBunny2 years ago
I had 2 floppy drives, but never bothered to check if they were working. I wanted to do something with them like hide a psd inside it.
That is so cute! And that is one card that is going to stay standing up when you put it out so everyone can see it :)
lllshreelll (author)  Penolopy Bulnick3 years ago
Hey Thanks!
ChrysN3 years ago
Cute! I like that you made the message like a dialog box.
lllshreelll (author)  ChrysN3 years ago
Thanks! Actually I wanted to print the dialog box but my printer was broken. But , then I figured, the pencil drawing adds a human touch.