Introduction: Geeky Name Plate ORIGINAL

Hello instructable users I am Olek410 And this is my first instructable so please don't judge. Today I will show you how to make geeky nameplate.

Step 1: Choosing Your Name Size

Ok first go to Microsoft word or Google docs, both work. Then write you name on the page (make sure its in bold) then you can change the size of your name on the page to the size you want.

Step 2: Finding the Right Size Circuit Board

Try to find a circuit board that is the right size. Also a hint try to find a board that is mostly blank. I used Google docs for this example. It is up to you on what circuit board size color and thickness. I got my circuit boards from old monitors but it is up to you.

Step 3: Getting the Parts for the Nameplates

You can get many parts for an old PC circuit board. Then take those parts and compare them to your name that you put on Google docs or Microsoft word.

Step 4: Preparing to Put It on the Board

Now you take you all your parts that you will use for you name. What I did was that I made my name out of those parts on a table to see if it looked how I wanted it to look like before I put it on the board. And I would get some some hot glue or super they both work very well.

Step 5: Putting the Parts on the Circuit Board

Take all your parts and glue them one part at a time for one letter of your name. Then once your done stand back and admire your work but you are not done yet.

Step 6: This Is a Option But Can Be Very Useful

If you want for it to be self standing you can take you can take a huge capacitor like 1 1/2 inch long and glue it to the back of your board.

Step 7: Thank You

Thank you to all the users who read this instructable. Good luck to all the users who are planning to make this or making this. Please post a photo on the one you made if you made one and please vote for me on the technology competition.


NimishA1 (author)2014-10-09

Easily the geekiest name plate I've come across. Would make for an interesting addition to some of the stuff we've made in the nameplates section on Engrave: One of the long holiday weekends, going to try and chart out all the letters on a circuit board to create a template.

Olek410 (author)NimishA12014-10-11

Ok nice, thank you for the interest good luck and if you have any problems just ask