Ok, so here's the deal. I've been called geeky and nerd every now and then, and I stand by it :) Apparently it's my best feature. So when I bought a new memory card (microSD), I bought an adapter at the same time, for microSD and M2-cards.

For those that don't know these are more commonly used in cell phones and tablets and therefore really small. This adapter connects to the USB and fits on a key chain.

So when I get into my next longterm relationship, I'm going to give her one of these memory cards and adapter as a necklace. A geeky version of those necklaces which you can open and there's a picture of you and your beloved.
If your partner is out traveling and feels alone, she can slide the memory card into her cell phone and look through carefully chosen photos. Maybe make a special photo slide with your song playing in the background?
Record a small video clip where you sing a lullaby? (Yes it's taken from How I Met Your Mother https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9snf-63yOo) .

Not only does your partner get a geeky necklace from you, but also a backup memory stick for cell phone numbers or for documents and such (depending on how big a memory card you give her).

***Have any ideas on improving the design? Please leave a comment then because just having the reader as is, is kinda dull but I have no ideas without loosing its geekiness

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