Step 4: Wiring

Take the circuit board off the hard drive and disconnect the molex port using a side cutter. also, cut 3 pins from the slave/master pin. make sure to leave some metal for soldering so don't cut too close to the plastic.

Use a ribbon cable  (originally wanted to use shielded usb cable, but molex only has 4 pins. shield and ground are not supposed to be joined together directly.) and solder +5v and the ground and find a way to route it to the other side of the circuit board. I used the same location where the hard drive reader head is connected. Rip the old ribbon cable out and replace with the new one. I had to drill a hole to route the cable through. The audio cable was done exactly the same but with 3 cables (L+R+gnd). I also used some epoxy at the solder joint to make sure it is strong and won't rip when I pull on it.

Sorry didn't take pics here I forgot. but heres a picture of the final thing to show you an idea. also, the wiring is very simple so I believe there is no need for me to draw a diagram because I didnt even need one for myself. there are usb (normal and micro) pinouts which needs to be noted for correct connection. they can be found here: 


Also, I got some info here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=820275 to make the phone in 'home dock mode' so everything is in landscape when it is docked. the instructions are on that link.
<p>hey, do you know where i can get one of these but i just need to solder some components in ( i need it of my product desiign gcse)</p>
Great instructable. Good enough that I made my own for my iPhone, with all parts from macs! Yours does a good job keeping things low profile, but the iPhone doesn't do landscape plugged in very well. Since I can't take a picture AND have the phone in place I had to sub in an old iPod touch.
I'm really tempted to make this dock for my new S2. It would be a major help to know what the App is for the timer!
u sir are a genius! haha looks awesome! i'm totally going to do this! How hard would it be to do SATA you think
&quot;insert ram to hard drive&quot; &lt;-- made me laugh... thank you
looks nice! ill be sure to try this one! <br>
nice but solder wires on 3.5 mm jack for speaker and put charger so you can charge phone
Thanks. <br><br>yeah, the 3.5mm is soldered, it is routed to the slave/master pins and I made a female header to 3.5mm female plug. I did it this way to make the hard drive i/o look unmodified. <br><br>If you meant actually adding speakers to the dock, then, no because I won't be using it (because it is made for the office I work at and they probably won't like me playing music through loudspeaker there).
I think thats what he had planned, also look on xda about how to trigger you phone into going into dock mode. Its an extremely simple circuit.

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