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I've made a couple of homemade Halloween costumes in the past, but didn't think I would this year as I moved to a new apartment in the summer (I like to start on Halloween early) and didn't really have a good costume idea anyway.  I had seen the Geico Made of Money Man commercial many times before, but one day in September, it finally clicked with me that I could probably make it fairly quickly.  So I bought a few packs of fake money and voila, it's been a success so far!

Step 1: Lots and Lots of Glue

Picture of Lots and Lots of Glue
At first, I was going to use a haz mat suit as the base, but realized that might not be easy to get out of when using the bathroom, so I changed it to a sweatshirt and sweat pants.  Not only is it comfortable, but it's easy to put on and take off.

I purchased about 1000 bills of Motion Picture Money on eBay.  I already had two hot glue guns, and bought a few packs of glue sticks and started gluing.  I began with the shirt, starting at the bottom and working my way up. I decided to lay it out like a tile floor, but more random.  I glued down a good base of bills, just to cover the shirt, then I added more bills, as needed, to fill in gaps.

Step 2: The Head

Picture of The Head
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I used a head sleeve made for hunters and used the same concept--I started gluing bills at the bottom working my way up.  I didn't worry about making the head look exactly like the costume since I was going to wear a motorcycle helmet.  I used the part of the sleeve that can cover the mouth as the "beard."  I folded each bill in halves and quarters, to make them smaller, and glued them to that part of the sleeves, tucking them over the fabric to create the beard.
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Bvbbuh11 days ago
Monae Monae Monae
taz84301 month ago

cool beans

pie201020117 months ago
Inspiration just came to me .... A geico money man costume!

LOL. Thank you.

2best_builder10 months ago
Is that real money
no she said in the first step "I bought fake money" so its fake
great idea, go out for hallwoeen dressed as a banker/oil baron/ corporate "fat cat". lol.
GrantLevy11 months ago
Great costume. I bet it was a real hit with your friends.
gverble11 months ago
Very Nice Work, by a Very Pretty Young Woman :-)
bethmwl11 months ago
Grand idea and well done. Never heard of Motion Picture Money.
not be very expensive?
AutoRob11 months ago
Very well done, and you made it sound so easy. I'm green with envy ;)
M3G11 months ago
Haha this is awesome!
Zachattack200211 months ago
So cool I just said mom I know what I'm gonna be for Halloween next year
BayRatt11 months ago
That's excellent!
Fun! You eve have the fingers!
kyluddy11 months ago
Thats awsome lildarlin. Very creative.