This is a basic tutorial on how to create semi-realistic wounds for film use or halloween using only things you can find at wal-mart or a similar store.

This wound can be applied to any part of the body, but like any appliance may start to peel with excessive movement. It can be reapplied with duo eyelash adhesive or spirit gum.

For this tutorial, you will need the following:
     2 packets of knox unflavored gelatin or similar product
     hot water
     flesh tone make up
     talcum powder
     red make up
     (OPTIONAL) a bruise wheel make up set
     Thick Blood  - instructions within
      (thick blood ingrdients: 1 tub vaseline, 1 containter red icing dye (NOT FOOD
     1 Knife - NOT SHARP
     1 batch Natural looking FX Blood (you can use commercial blood, but it does not look
                     as good as the recipe I will include.
     FX Blood ingredients: 2 large bottles of Kayro Syrup, 2 large bottles red food coloring, 1
                     bottle blue food coloring and 1 bottle hershey's chocolate syrup. Mixing
                     instructions in the tutorial

It should be noted that there are several flaws in this wound resulting from

a) the fact that I did not have any flesh tone base and had to improvise on the fly. (my cats got into my make up case)

b) The fact that I was doing this on myself, so the gelatin started to peel near the end. And

c) My duo eyelash adhesive had been destroyed in the same precision strike that got my flesh tone base.

Step 1: First Off - Shave the Targetted Area

This fx process is easy to remove, even if you don't shave the unwanted hair from the area, but it helps to do so. Trust me when I say, if you don't, it can get relatively painful in the removal process.

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