Step 2: Mix the Knox

The main component for this make-up effect is Knox unflavored gelatin. I use knox because it's the only brand available around here. There are other other brands, and it doesn't matter which brand you use.

Unflavored gelatin can be found in the jello aisle of your local super market for about 1-3 dollars per box. For this tutorial, we only need 2 packets. (half the box).

There are many formulas for mixing the gelatin. Some are used for making cheap, single use appliances - including foamed latex style - and many other effects.

For this specific one, I only used water and gelatin. You can ad a teeny bit of glycerin to give the knox a more rubbery texture, if you want.

First, take a coffe cup of hot water and put it in the microwave for about a minute. While the water is in the microwave, pour the knox in the bowl. Pour a little water in an mix it thoroughly. Ad a little tiny bit of water at a time. The desired consistency of the gelatin is that of pancake batter.

Set the Gelatin aside for about a minute so it can JUST start to gel.

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