Picture of Gem Clip Jewellery

I have tried to make a jewellery set using translucent (Colored and coated with plastic) gem clips.From a multi colored pack I have chosen 2 colors for this project. I have made a pair of earrings and a bracelet.  By just changing the length, this technique can be used to make an anklet and neck piece as well.


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Step 1: Materials Required

Picture of Materials Required
Materials Required:

1.Gem Clips
2.Round Nose plier. But I just used a cutting plier. Round nose plier is easier to bend the wires for beginners.
3.Clasps- Earring Hooks, Fastening clasp of your choice for bracelet.

Step 2: Open up Pink Clips

Picture of Open up Pink Clips
I have used 2 colors of gem clips. The pink clips dominates the design and green clips to highlight.

I have made a scroll pattern out of the pink clips. This requires the clip to be opened up.
Open up the Pink clips and straighten the bends using flat nose plier. I have used 15 pink gem clips. So 15 of them have to be straightened.

Step 3: Scroll

Picture of Scroll
Hold one tip of the wire with round nose plier and turn it around to form a circle. Now hold the circle tight with the flat nose plier and turn the wire around the circle using hand. Donot hold the wire too hard useing the plier, this might peel off the plastic coat. keep twisting the wire around the circle till its about 1 inch wire left.

Hold the other end of wire using round nose plier and twist it to form 1 circle. This is used as a hook to hold the other scroll.

Make 15 such scrolls using pink gem clips.
Are the clip ends pokey when you wear them?
sriya_dsign (author)  crazyaboutbeads4 years ago
No they r not. 1. coz it has a plastic coat. 2. The end goes inside when you twist it. If you still feel the finish of the gemclips ends are not smooth, you can smoothen it using file or an emery paper. Mostly this wont be required.
Wow I never would of coloured paper clips looking so nice, but wow I make this pretty cheap several times and it would be worth it then some. Cool thanks for sharing.
ChrysN4 years ago
That is really pretty, I would have never guessed that it was made from paperclips.