Picture of Gemstone / Rupee Nail Art

I made a tutorial for all of you on how to do these gemstone/rupee nails that I did a little while ago! The concept was originally inspired by a wood block painting tutorial done by Fabric Paper Glue, but I just loved the illusion and look of it so much that I wanted to adapt it to nail art!

Step 1: Getting Started

Picture of Getting Started

This tutorial requires only three colors: Your basic color, black, and white. You will be mixing these colors to create the 6 shades needed to complete the look. In the top right corner, you can see that I've illustrated a sort of "paint by number". The number 3 shade is the color right out of the bottle. The number 1 shade has the most white mixed in (I used about 3 globs of white polish), and your number 6 shade has the most black (I used two small globs of black polish). Be careful when you first mix in your black polish - black can be very overpowering and will make the color very dark very fast! Remember: you can always add more as needed!

Step 1: paint your entire nail with your #3 shade. Allow polish to dry completely (that is super important! if you don't allow it to be completely dried, you will get yucky marks from the tape later on)

krummrey1 year ago

Too bad we guys can't really run around with painted nails.
Looks awesome!

sure you can i know many peoples who do

ElizabethHudy (author)  krummrey1 year ago

be a trend setter! go for it man!

But if you have a girlfriend/spouse, you can practice before with fake nails, and then make her nails, she will love it! TRUST ME! (You will not look weird for doing that, if someone of your mates says it, just tell them the benefits... If you know what I mean)

fluffycotton8 months ago
love it a lot when I saw it I almost died. I love legend of Zelda( more like link though) but I love the nails .its so easy that anyone can do it and just the salon

Never seen such a design :) vibrant and voted for you!

samalert1 year ago

Rupee(Indian currency :) ) or Ruby ? By the way the nail looks soo 3d. Its awesome !

ElizabethHudy (author)  samalert1 year ago

rupee like from the zelda game! and ruby i guess haha. & thank you!

These reminded me of the Chaos Emeralds when viewed from above more.


I've never seen a nail design like this! Amazing!
ElizabethHudy (author)  tiffanykeri1 year ago

thank you!

deepta1 year ago

This is amazing, cannot take my eyes off of it! really really appreciate and wonder your patience!

ElizabethHudy (author)  deepta1 year ago

thank you!

makerx31 year ago

awesome job!!!!! Carson

ElizabethHudy (author)  makerx31 year ago

Thanks Carson!

Very different and pretty.

amandagrrl1 year ago
Gorgeous! I've been getting bored with small designs, I'm super excited to try this bold look!
BLR_RAVI1 year ago
some time i amazed ..as how creative people are ..on tiny nail..excellent and i like the color choice..its so vibrant and eye catching..
I agree with u
ElizabethHudy (author)  BLR_RAVI1 year ago

Thank you!

sabu.dawdy1 year ago
wowww this is for the Queennnn
O M wowza soo cool
ElizabethHudy (author)  lil smartie1 year ago

thanks! :)

I had to do a double take to believe they weren't 3D. That's amazing, major props!

Thank you! I know! When I had them on my nails I couldn't stop from staring at them!

Whoa! I love it! I would feel so fancy wearing those! : )

ElizabethHudy (author)  mactothefuture1 year ago

Thanks! I sure did when I had them!

This is awesome! Very cool idea :)

ElizabethHudy (author)  TerryTheCreator1 year ago

thanks! :)

Whaaaaa?! These are amazing! I love these!

thank you!

poofrabbit1 year ago

These are very cool! Nicely done!

ElizabethHudy (author)  poofrabbit1 year ago

thank you!