Picture of General Grievous Costume with Moving Mechanical Extra Set of Arms
Here's a General Grievous Costume I built with my son for Halloween '08.

The basic construction is a black pullover from an old cheap store-bought halloween costume, and foam-core assemblies attached with velcro. There's a PVC 'backpack' that has mechanical arms with elastic bands that can flip up giving the General an extra pair of arms.

Step 1: Foam Core Assemblies

Picture of Foam Core Assemblies
This costume was built by eye so you need a decent picture to start from.

The foam core assemblies are sized for a child, but of course could be made larger for an adult. They are cut from paper patterns and most are bilaterally symmetric. Some sections are pre-painted and 'weathered' with dilute black tempera paint to give shadowed 3D effect. I used hot-glue to assemble them, but other glues are fine. When dry, they are aligned onto the body-suit with velcro on the assembly and the suit. The suit velcro should be sewed on (or stapled if you're hasty).


juliemg3 years ago
Ok, I'm almost there with the back pack, but I can't quite figure out the arms spring thing. Can you give me a little more direction?? The guys at Ace Hardware are psyched and telling me I'll be the Mom of the Year if I can pull it off. Please.....
taci.odata14 years ago
are you happy ?
acidbass5 years ago
BAD ASSNESS extreme that is freakin awsome
tcluscious5 years ago
OMGosh!! This is awesome!! My son would be so excited if we could make this...we will definitely try. Thanks for sharing.
Liachu5 years ago
Excellent job, exactly what I was looking for.
That's a really cool project... I sure wish i could do that, congrats...
hmmm... i dont like it...
Skreetsha6 years ago
Sweet and i love the cute little laugh at the end by the kiddo in the costume :D 5 stars
metal-matt6 years ago
hmm....lol seeing all that pvc in there makes me think that haveing a inbuilt PNUEMATIC CANNON would be cool. "haha u may have a light sabre, BUT I have a light sabre AND A PNUEMATIC CANNON, touche' " hehehe
Kaiven6 years ago
Nice job! Still don't get the arm part :P
okctj6 years ago
woo dud.. great costume.
That's incredible! I'm hoping you've made other costumes/ you're going to make more. I hope you can post them as Instructables! Thanks for sharing! +5/5 stars.
creatrope (author)  GorillazMiko6 years ago
Thanks GorillazMiko, it was fun to make. I've put some of my other work in instructables:

Godzilla / T-Rex
PVC Mannequin
General Grievous with Mechanical Arms

And also in my blog creatrope.
colorslam6 years ago
Super costume! My son was Darth Vader last year, and a clone trooper (or "chroopr" as he spells it) this year. I have a strong suspicion that this will be next year's costume. I don't dare show him these pictures until Nov. 1st, or he will want me to make it for him in the next hour and a half.
purduecer6 years ago
This is really really cool man, congratulations :-)