Introduction: Generate Electricity From Nothing.

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How can we generate electricity from almost nothing at is the solution...

Step 1: HOW TO

Lets take inspiration from nature and optics.

If we use a convex lens and focus the sunlight rays that come from infinity we will get a concentrated spot at the focal length of the lens. Now,If I keep one side of the peltier on this concentrated spot at the focus of the convex lens,I'll be able to get a pretty good temperature rise.But,the problem is that the other side too will get heated by the zeroth law of thermodynamics.In that case,I will have to use a coolant like water to keep it cool and if we do it in a windy place the water will get evaporated and evaporation will further increase cooling.We may even use some sort of endothermic reaction like photosynthesis and evaporation. Alright lets put a blue print of the plan which will help us build it.. cool side warm side 1.photosynthesis 1.light rays focused using a convex lens 2.coolant like passage of water 3.any endothermic reaction Application: This can be used in hydroelectric plants to produce extra energy while utilizing the same equipments(except the huge convex lens)

Step 2: ​Materials Required:

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Materials required:

Same as above.But you will need these extra materials 1.convex lens.Magnifying glass would do. 2.a holder to hold the peltier in place 3.coolant maybe running water

Step 3: Doing It

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Now using the convex lens,focus beams of sunlight so that one side gets hot and the other side is cooled by the water flow.

You can build the prototype like me.I joined the magnifying glass to the tripod using a cable. Use a power supply to get energy in other forms.The blue one indicates the power supply. Use a heat sink for better absorption of heat. Attach it as shown in the figure.powersup Everything elese is self explanatory.

Step 4: Final

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Use a water supply which will act as a coolant..for building the temperature difference..


srinubanoth (author)2017-08-24

nice bro

ahigazy (author)2017-08-01

Hello Harish. I like your enthusiasm.

I just would like you to understand that this is not Electricity from Nothing. This is thermal solar power.

You never mentioned how much electricity you got?

Very cool work. :)

chuckr44 (author)2017-07-26

Interesting. What if you painted the "hot" side of the TEG black? Would that help?

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