Intricate natural forms emerge from simple logic. Small change in the logic results in incredible variations. Snowflakes, tree branches, seashells, these are all fascinating natural formation with infinite possibilities.

I created a series of 'airshells', shells that mimic the logic of seashell formation, for Tilandsia, or air plants. You can make your own using my webpage at


Step 1: Why Seashell

A year ago I read The Sixth Extinction (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Sixth_Extinction:_An_Unnatural_History). In one chapter called "Dropping Acid", I read how the current acidification of ocean makes calcification of corals and shells difficult, and might cause the extinction of the beautiful creatures. It's painful to imagine the loss, and I feel I need to do something about it. Something that captures the beauty and uniqueness of the shells.

Image from Dr. Claudine Hauri, Modeling ocean acidification in the

California Current System, http://e-collection.library.ethz.ch/eserv/eth:5513...

<p>As Cheng suggests in this Instructable:<br>Coping, altering and sharing code is allowed in this project.<br>So I hacked and did some thinkering and here is some code that works:</p><p><a href="https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/6900173/Shells.zip">https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/6900173/Shells...</a></p><p>Unzip to a local folder and open index.html in browser. From the site export to obj &gt; In 3d-software:Import in Meshlab &gt; and export to .stl</p><p>Then you can open in Meshmixer</p>
<p>Nice! Feel free to send a pull request. https://github.com/cheeriocheng/cheeriocheng.github.io </p>
<p>Those are really cool!</p>
<p>what? how wonderful! Really so gorgeous.</p>
<p>Is there any chance that you could post a few STL files for the shells? Thank you!</p>
<p>I miss the part of generating / downloading too</p>
<p>These look great, but I'm still confused on how to create the object code. The cheeriocheng.github.io site allows me to fiddle with parameters, but I don't get how to download 3D object code from it. What am I missing?</p>
<p>Nature should be the muse of mathematicians, it is sometimes indeed.</p>
Your work is as lovely as yourself - thank you for sharing your passion and philosophy ?
These are beautiful!
<p>Fantastic! Definitely going to print one of these</p>

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