Light up a led with thermoelectric genertor-peltier.

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Hi, <br>I resontly made one Jouel Thief but not working efficiently can you kindly send me a good n simple one (one I made is consisted 1 transistor one resistor LED &amp; a hand made feried coil) <br> <br>kindly also send me ideas of thermoelectric generator peltier I never heard about it in my life. send me any info you have about it such as how its work what is the internal macanisum &amp; is there any chance I can make one at home ect...you may send it to my mail too senarahmdon@yahoo.com <br>I really appriciate your help on this regards <br> <br> <br>Thank You <br> <br>Senarath
This video i recorded by me,and yes that is thermoelectric generator peltier and I am using joule thief for light up the led.
Please consider adding that information to the text describing your project. A context-less video is generally assumed to be borrowed, so tell us what you made and how. (You've published more than 90 projects; this should be old hat for you. A better 'ible leads to more youtube views.)
Is this a video that you created, or is it someone else's and you are sharing it?
Looks like a 12 volt TEC, and a normal red led. <br> <br>So that is a joulethief circuit you are using as a base for the led?

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