Generations of HDD's





Introduction: Generations of HDD's

I decided to take some pictures of some of the many HDD's I have lying around the house.
Here they are:



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anyone got an old winchester (MFM) drive? :)

I did, it was huge!, I took it to bits to see how it worked :-)
I was only 15 though.

It was about 4 inches thick!

i took several of them appart wen i was around that age too XD
them things were big buggers XD and decided to never work again if u removed them from the pc or sumin.. bit stupid but what the hey XD

Hmm i made a usb hdd out of a 40 mb hdd (using pendrives) my friend was amazed when it was 64 gbs

ive gotta quantum fireball ex 3gb, conner cfs1275a all from a Digitek computer running win95& an intel p5400, and I use both of them for eboostr. but theyre too slow... 1333kb/s for the conner, and 3426kb/s for the other one...

a whole 120Mb! you could put a 10 minute movie on there!

Hmm...I bet you could install MicroXP on it...

In the days of those drives, Windows 3.1 didn't take up much space :P Nor where there movies, music or anything else to be placed on the drives... Oh... the days of DOS, and WIN 3.1... simpler times... lol