I decided to take some pictures of some of the many HDD's I have lying around the house.
Here they are:
anyone got an old winchester (MFM) drive? :)
I did, it was huge!, I took it to bits to see how it worked :-) <br /> I was only 15 though.<br /> <br /> It was about 4 inches thick!
i took several of them appart wen i was around that age too XD<br /> them things were big buggers XD and decided to never work again if u removed them from the pc or sumin.. bit stupid but what the hey XD<br />
Hmm i made a usb hdd out of a 40 mb hdd (using pendrives) my friend was amazed when it was 64 gbs <br />
ive gotta quantum fireball ex 3gb, conner cfs1275a all from a Digitek computer running win95& an intel p5400, and I use both of them for eboostr. but theyre too slow... 1333kb/s for the conner, and 3426kb/s for the other one...
a whole 120Mb! you could put a 10 minute movie on there!
Hmm...I bet you could install MicroXP on it...
What about your os? hahaha
In the days of those drives, Windows 3.1 didn't take up much space :P Nor where there movies, music or anything else to be placed on the drives... Oh... the days of DOS, and WIN 3.1... simpler times... lol
Depends what you mean by simpler.
well i don't use most of those HDD's...so no need for an os :P
if you used it as a secondary drive
I have a 3 gig wd caviar 33100 and a 4 gig hdd oh and also got some cd's that are only like 700mb lol
Caviar 33100?! Wow, Those where one of the best of their kind, They still sell for a good 50 bucks on ebay!
Cd's ARE 700MB
Not the 650mb ones... :P
Strange, I've only seen 700MB ones, maybe you're talking about the image on the disc?
The original CD-Rs were 650MB (72Min I think), 700MB (80Min) came a little later afterwards... :)

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