Generator Air Cleaner Modification for Natural Gas Conversion


Introduction: Generator Air Cleaner Modification for Natural Gas Conversion

I recently purchased a conversion kit to run my gasoline generator on Natural Gas. The conversion went smoothly, and the generator runs great! The only problem I had with the conversion was, the manufacturer of the conversion kit suggested cutting the generator frame to allow clearance for the air filter housing. I did not wish to compromise the generator frame integrity, so I came up with another solution!!

I roughly measured the amount of clearance needed, in this case roughly 3/4 ". I used a hacksaw to cut a "scoop" out of the air cleaner housing, and test-fit the cut. Permanent aluminized duct tape was used to cover the hole, formed to the "scoop" shape. I put a piece of the tape on the inside also, to cover the sticky side, to not stick the air filter to the tape. After placing the gasket and filter material, I reinstalled the modified filter housing. The generator then ran like a dream. No frame cutting necessary!!!



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    why you cut the air filter assembly, now available a batter solution, a thin venturi. visit

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    Lacking any instructions, I forged ahead with my own conversion. I was given a generator with a completely gummed up carb -- even corroded from water(?) in the gasoline.

    I simply drilled out the center of the orifice, from the end in the fuel bowl, plugged all extraneous jets with 95-5 plumbing solder, and then attached a rubber fuel hose to the bottom of the carb where I had drilled it out. (The carb now has no fuel bowl.)

    I added a valve to serve as the "load block," a NG regulator found online, along with a few extras like a quick-connect gas hose for a propane grill.

    I am keeping this story short, but I had no problem getting the generator to run on NG! I installed a gas line with quick-connect to the back porch outside, where I will place the generator the next time there's a power outage.

    I measured to the 0.001 inch and learned that this is not a precision project. Anything close will probably work just fine.

    Why don't you create an Instructable about the gasoline-to-natural gas conversion?

    Do you have any pix? I would like to see how you did this! It looks like you mounted an adapter plate between the carburetor and the air cleaner. I mistakenly thought that this adapter needed to be installed after the carburetor so that the butterfly valve in the carburetor could still regulate the generator RPM for proper output frequency with varying electrical loads...

    Can you clarify this for me? Thanks!

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    Sorry it took me 8 months for the reply, I haven't been logged in to this site in a while.
    Go to , they should have instruction manuals on this process. It really was quite simple to do .


    There is no ignition advance. The gen runs perfectly right from the start.

    I imagine that one could fashion a kit with a few tool, tubing, and needle valves. It would probably take some tinkering...

    Good luck!

    I envy you a bit, because I have a generator, gasoline fueled, and want convert it to natural gas, but here in my country these conversion kits are not available.

    ¿Could you say what parts the kit includes? Maybe I could improvise something.

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    My kit is available from

    I had neither the time nor tools to fashion one myself. My install took 45 minutes, and all the while, I'm thinking " I could make this"... I imagine some trial-and-error, machine tools, and needle valves would do the trick.

    Good luck