Generic, Machete-Length Knife





Introduction: Generic, Machete-Length Knife

Hey guys, me here again, coming at you with a simple, generic knife I made when I was bored. I used 440 stainless steel, but it's quite durable because the blade is really not that long. For the handle I used thin hardwood wrapped in white woodworker's string/cord/whatever you wanna call it. I used a hacksaw to shape the blade, a small forge for some blade-hardening, and a grinder to sharpen the knife and a sharpening stone to further sharpen it. Overall, I think it turned out pretty well for a knife I only spent around an hour-or-so on.

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P.S. The fourth picture is kinda blurry, sorry.



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If you heated the knife to red hot and then let it cool, it makes it stronger, and more resistant to wear.

Actually if you heat it to white hot and then quench* it, it will be stronger (though more brittle). If you heat the blade and then just let it cool naturally the metal will be softer. This is what I do to make the metal easier to work with before I make a knife. *old engine oil is preferred for quenching - it's believed to add carbon, though water will also work.

I know, that's a very basic rule in knifemaking, what do you take me for? That's what I do with most of my knives, including this one. Thanks anyway.

What do you use to heat them?

Ehh, make some fire by burning coal in a small forge, drop it into the flames and just leave the blade there for about 10 minutes.... Then dip in swimming pool.

....not =P. Speaking of swimming pools, do you have one? I'm gonna get mine demolished to make way for a huuggeee one =)

No, I don't.

Eh, you're missing out.

You could make the handle more ergonomic. Other than that, awesome!