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Hey guys, me here again, coming at you with a simple, generic knife I made when I was bored. I used 440 stainless steel, but it's quite durable because the blade is really not that long. For the handle I used thin hardwood wrapped in white woodworker's string/cord/whatever you wanna call it. I used a hacksaw to shape the blade, a small forge for some blade-hardening, and a grinder to sharpen the knife and a sharpening stone to further sharpen it. Overall, I think it turned out pretty well for a knife I only spent around an hour-or-so on.

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P.S. The fourth picture is kinda blurry, sorry.


Berkin (author)2009-08-19

If you heated the knife to red hot and then let it cool, it makes it stronger, and more resistant to wear.

dropkick (author)Berkin2010-08-19

Actually if you heat it to white hot and then quench* it, it will be stronger (though more brittle). If you heat the blade and then just let it cool naturally the metal will be softer. This is what I do to make the metal easier to work with before I make a knife. *old engine oil is preferred for quenching - it's believed to add carbon, though water will also work.

Camisado (author)Berkin2009-08-20

I know, that's a very basic rule in knifemaking, what do you take me for? That's what I do with most of my knives, including this one. Thanks anyway.

Berkin (author)Camisado2009-08-20

What do you use to heat them?

Camisado (author)Berkin2009-08-20

Ehh, make some fire by burning coal in a small forge, drop it into the flames and just leave the blade there for about 10 minutes.... Then dip in swimming pool.

Berkin (author)Camisado2009-09-04


Camisado (author)Berkin2009-09-04

....not =P. Speaking of swimming pools, do you have one? I'm gonna get mine demolished to make way for a huuggeee one =)

Berkin (author)Camisado2009-09-07

No, I don't.

Camisado (author)Berkin2009-09-08

Eh, you're missing out.

DJ Radio (author)2009-08-02

You could make the handle more ergonomic. Other than that, awesome!

Camisado (author)DJ Radio2009-08-03

Well, yeah, but in all seriousness I wasn't too serious in making this knife. Thanks though, both for the constructive criticism and the compliment.

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