Genie in a Bottle





Introduction: Genie in a Bottle

This Genie in a jar is just waiting for you to make a wish. He behaves much like a tornado in a bottle/ jar. He comes to live after you shake the jar!

Step 1: Fill Jar With Water

Fill jar about 2/3 full of tap water.

Step 2: Add Dish Soap

Add 1-3 drops of dish soap to the water

Step 3: Add Color, Glitter and Sequins to the Water

Add desired amount of food coloring, glitter and sequins of the color/s of your choice to the water. Then secure the lid.

Step 4: Shake Him Up!

With lid secured; shake your genie and watch him twirl.

Step 5: Design Your Genie Jar

With glue, glitter, ribbon and fabric paint make a design on your jar as you desire.

Step 6: Personalize the Lid

Either by hand-writing or computer, personalize a message on the lid.

Step 7: Let Dry and Give It a Whirl!

Let the paints and glue dry. Then give your genie a whirl! Hope your wish comes true.

Step 8:



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    This is so cute, and a great idea! I bet it's so pretty and feels very magical when shaking! Thanks for sharing!

    TY so much for the kind words and yes it is a magical experience and may your wishes come true for this year 2015!