Introduction: Genius Plant Project

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This project is to see if a plant can grow if it is watered with other liquids than water

Step 1: Soil

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Fill a cup or pot with soil and put the seed about half an inch in the soil

Step 2: Seeds

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I used a flower seed

Step 3: Watering

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I did 4 different liguids soda, milk, juice and Gatorade. The one I am showing here is the soda. I poked holes in the bottom of the cup to let the extra soda drain out then I watered it with soda a little every other day

Step 4: Sun Light

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I had the plant inside by a window at first because it was cold out. The plant didn't grow at all inside so when it got warm out I moved it outside

Step 5: It Failed

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Even after I moved the plant outside it still didn't grow.

Step 6: New Plant

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After the other plants failed I started to grow a new one that I watered with water to see if I was doing it right.

Step 7: Conclusion

After the plant that I watered with water grew and the others didn't I can conclue that watering it with other liquids then water does not make a plant grow


seamster (author)2016-05-24

Cool experiment. Thank you for sharing!

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