This is my version of the gentleman's chest for the bedroom - It was cold outside with lots of snow (amazing for NC) and this was a great weekend project a couple years ago before I learned CAD and built a CNC :-)  Anyhow, most of the planning was more of the higher level planning while I worked out some of the details as it was being made.  Unfortunately, I do not have a BOM or additional pictures but from the sketches and pictures following you should be able to mostly work it out if you've had experience with mortise and tenon joints and basic case construction :-)  Plus, I can answer questions because i use this piece on a daily basis.

Step 1: Planning

Like I said in the intro, with CAD i've been tending to to a much better job of documenting my projects - especially in order to recreate them when need (sometime people like them enough to want one in their own home.)  I've included the main picture of the paper sketch here which has some good detail and also the rest of the sketches later on.
<p>Lovely dresser. I can't believe a dedicated mortise machine made such an ungodly mess!</p>
<p>That looks great! I have a similar compartment on top of my dresser, but it's still covered in stuff </p>
<p>Gorgeous work, and the hidden compartment was a nice touch.</p>
<p>Beautiful job - on the chest &amp; Instructable ! Thanks for sharing !! </p>

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