Step 7: Continue weaving

Picture of Continue weaving
Keep doing this until you have reached the desired size. I won't go into detail in this Instructable regarding how to make a specific garment or item. But I will give you some tips on weaving. Because of the pattern, you have a couple different "fabric" geometries you can work with.

The first is the diamond geometry, each link is connected to 3 others
The second is the square, each link (except those on the edges) uses pattern's full 4 to 1 connection

As your swatch gets larger it might be easier to flip it over to continue weaving, because you will need to handle the main body less as you attach new links.
Oragami2 years ago
I now have something to do in my spare time (thanks to Isa for posting a link to this on her Tumblr :D)
gingersftw4 years ago
the people at my school hav hundredsof cans with tabs laying around
THECHINABOY5 years ago
ill do this wene i get all the tabs.

    P.S   so cool.
singhjr965 years ago
i've actually made this and something just like this except i used those monster can lids (the ones you screw on)  and i linked them togheter with a making tabs from the lids sides and cutting holes on the corrospondin lid and i use both of them for paint balling and airsoft, it is very easy to reapair and it hurts less than if i have my soft shell jacket on really good for basic things like armor also i use this and the one i made almost every day.(i got a jump on tabs and lids from my energy drink addicted roomate. ill try and make an instructables on the one i made soon
i made a full body of armor, but not the feet or hands, that i cant figure out, if any one could help, that would help, i love to put it on and play war, and own people when we have war. (and yes i dreak that much pop, over a period of one year!)
The Jamalam5 years ago
That method is much better for large areas, but I have a method of making it denser, stronger, and better looking, without having to bend them.
 my bad thats how...:)
NinjaGuy0005 years ago
Everything is fantastic, I just get lost at step seven. Can anyone better explain this to me? Thanks^^
milogun15 years ago
this is AWESOME watch you dont cut ur fingers on the cut bits >.<
deniz96365 years ago
that is so kool. i want to make one : )
florjanj5 years ago
this is the bes project on the INSTRUCABLES!
chopstx5 years ago
Very cool project!

And very good instructable!

im gonna make a helmet out of the cans and make a full suit of armour out of tabs
i can be the soda knight and squirt shaken up soda into peoples eyes
meejenbea5 years ago
this is great, i'm gonna make  a belt and vest!!!
HA! Finally I have a use for all of these tabs I've been collecting. Thank you!
 this is great, im working on a full suit
d2j55 years ago
this is kinda far fetched but a whole pop-tab suit? X D
il get back to you on that........need to actualy make somthing simplefirst lol
woods1015 years ago
this is awesome! now i have an excuse to drink more fanta :-)
this is awesome what a great instructable.
Zem5 years ago
Awesome! I do the recycling in my house so I will definitely save the tabs now!!
goobaz125 years ago
thanks very much for instructing me how to make soda tab chain mail :)
Halopwner855 years ago
excellent instructable ive got 30 tabs knocked out in about 20-30 min
taisvinha6 years ago
Excellent step by step explanation. I'm beginning to save pop tabs do make one. Thanks!
I've tried making mail for a while but this bottle tab one worked the best.

talamom5 years ago
I've been making chainmaille for a while, this looks like fun! Now I'll have to get the family to drink more soda.
tab mail