Picture of Geo-Hook
Okay, yet another geocaching instructable that I've made. This hook was made for the nano cache to allow it be easily mounted to wood, and / or for the geocaches to get the cache. You don't want the cache to break when someone tries to get it..

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Step 1: What do we need?

Picture of what do we need?
Okay, you don't need much at all, After all we are only bending a metal wire :)

Strongish wire ( Not too strong nor thick )

Pliers. ( Bending strong wire with your hands can hurt and also can dig into your skin )

And the mussle to bend the wire.. ( Everyone already has this ;)

Step 2: Bends 0 & 1

Picture of Bends 0 & 1
Okay, Two bends to start this off..

First bend the end of the wire into it's self..

Secondly you want to bend the wire into a hook.. ( Almost done already :)

Step 3: Bend 2

Picture of Bend 2
Okay, tilt the hook onto an angle so you can make a loop for a screw to fit through, to allow it to be nailed to some wood..

Step 4: Bend 3

Picture of Bend 3
Just a few more bends to help support the cache in one spot..

Note: Instead of going straght from screw one to screw two is because the extra wire, allows move movement but not limited..

Step 5: Yet another bend ( Almost done )

Picture of Yet another bend ( Almost done )
Okay, time to fix the rest of that bending!

Step 6: Lucky last bend!

Picture of Lucky last bend!
If you are sad to find this being the last bend, then goto step 1 :)
lemonie5 years ago
Can you show this in action, as it is supposed to be used? L
james.mcglashan (author)  lemonie5 years ago
sorry its just i dont have any action pics untill i get time to hide them. i hope you can wait it may take some time.
It's been "some time". :p Any luck? I don't understand it, either.
snoyes5 years ago
There's no R in this month, so mussels are out of season. Guess we'll have to wait until next month to try step 1.
james.mcglashan (author)  snoyes5 years ago
its not may, june, july or august so you can do this today lol u sent that last month lol have fun im just reminding you lol, happy?