Picture of Geo-Hook
Okay, yet another geocaching instructable that I've made. This hook was made for the nano cache to allow it be easily mounted to wood, and / or for the geocaches to get the cache. You don't want the cache to break when someone tries to get it..

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Step 1: What do we need?

Picture of what do we need?
Okay, you don't need much at all, After all we are only bending a metal wire :)

Strongish wire ( Not too strong nor thick )

Pliers. ( Bending strong wire with your hands can hurt and also can dig into your skin )

And the mussle to bend the wire.. ( Everyone already has this ;)

Step 2: Bends 0 & 1

Picture of Bends 0 & 1
Okay, Two bends to start this off..

First bend the end of the wire into it's self..

Secondly you want to bend the wire into a hook.. ( Almost done already :)

Step 3: Bend 2

Picture of Bend 2
Okay, tilt the hook onto an angle so you can make a loop for a screw to fit through, to allow it to be nailed to some wood..

Step 4: Bend 3

Picture of Bend 3
Just a few more bends to help support the cache in one spot..

Note: Instead of going straght from screw one to screw two is because the extra wire, allows move movement but not limited..

Step 5: Yet another bend ( Almost done )

Picture of Yet another bend ( Almost done )
Okay, time to fix the rest of that bending!

Step 6: Lucky last bend!

Picture of Lucky last bend!
If you are sad to find this being the last bend, then goto step 1 :)