Ok so im going to show you my geo-pen it is very much like my first instructable the geocach log I made well I said i hade a Geo pen so here it is.

Step 1: What Do We Need...

First we already have the address tube.

We have a pen,
We have paper,
We have pliers,
We have sizers,

We have all we need to make a geo pen.
where did you get the pet address tubes
probably petsmart or pet co
wats a geo cache??
Again, brilliant! Nice work.
y dont you make some geocaching instructables too i know you are in the group so please could you make things to share about geocaching too...
I would love too, I'm currently very busy at work, but I will definitely try to come up with something.
then y dont you use some of the time you use geocaching and searching this site to make an instructable in my group i only have the ones ive added no 1 has rely added them yet i want people to find it and join and add there geocaching instructables too
thank you.

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