GeoGami Hexahedron





Introduction: GeoGami Hexahedron

When I'm bored I make origami among other things, I learned about these little hexahedrons t not to long a go. They'r fun to play with and quite easy to make.

Step 1: Paper

Take three pices of origami paper and fold them in half and then in half again. Then fold the coners up to the center line created by the first fold. It hellps if you have a basic knowledge origami folds as I am not an expert at explaining things.

Step 2: Assemble

In your right hand hold once peice of paper with the coners facing upwords. In your left hand do the opposit. Slide the corners of the left hand figure in to the pocket of the figure on the right. As I am severly dislexic and did not pay attention when I was taking the pictures, this picture is actually of the opposit of what you are supposed to be doing, so I suppose the right hand left hand thing might not matter after all....

Step 3: Assemble

With step two done, take the last figure and re-fold it in half. Slide it on top of the coners of the right hand figure. Then tuck the corner of the last figure inside the pocket of left hand figure. Got it?

You can also make diffrenint shapes if you glue the the assembled figures togeather.



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    dude have you ever heard of elaborating!!!???

    Nice Instructable. I kindly wanted to point out the shape is actually a Tetrahedron. A Hexahedron is a cube. They fall into the polyhedra family of three dimensional solids. Other than that note, excellent post. LM

    Not to be a punk, but that is a hexahedron. Three right triangles on each side. A *regular* hexahedron is a cube. This isn't one of the Platonic solids.

    Eww, double post! Lookin' around on Wikipedia, this shape is a triangular bipyramid, specifically one with right triangle faces, which, technically, is in the family of hexahedra.

    I was looking at the first picture in the instructable which looks like a three sided pyramid with equilateral triangles.... Hence a Tetrahedron.

    From the photo it look like there are only 3 sides, my mistake.

    Again nice work.

    needs more detail nice job though

    Whoa i finally got it and it looks amazing! But step 2 was slightly confusing. What I think its says is to open up one model slightly, until it's a triangle. Unfold that, and stick the 2 seperate corners of another square into it, then refold the whole thing. Then do that for the last one. That is it right?

    how do you do this step

    Nice instructable, but sadly many of us aren't oragami experts, so could you at least try to explain how that first step works?

    ok, you take the origami paper and fold it in half into a triangle, and then you fold the triangle in half. So far you have two folds, unfold it once. So that your back at the first step. Take the ends and fold them upwards alined with the crease, they should be as semetrical as possible.