Picture of GeoTrax Radio Tower Model
GeoTrax is a model train system from Fisher-Price is a remote controlled train, plane and truck system that is extremely rugged and fun for a wide range of ages from the very young to the surprisingly old. The problem is that unlike "scale" model systems there are not a lot of models you can add to layouts to make them interesting. In fact the only ones I know of are those provided by Fisher-Price.

This model of a Radio Tower is the first in a set of models for use with your GeoTrax layout.
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Step 1: Print and cut out the sides of the tower

Since the tower is nearly as tall as a sheet of US Letter paper, The attached PDF has two sides of the tower on one page and two more sides, with call letters, on a second sheet.

First print the page with two blank towers twice.

If you would like call letters (WGEO for east of the Mississippi and KGEO for west of the Mississippi), then print out the second page of towers.

Cut each tower out to the black outlines. Make sure the shapes are as identical as possible otherwise the sides will not match well and will not stand straight.

Step 2: ASSEMBLY METHOD 1: Assemble on card board

Picture of ASSEMBLY METHOD 1: Assemble on card board
IF you are making this tower out of cardboard, then glue each side of the tower on a piece of cardboard (like poster board) with sides touching in a fan as shown in the picture. You will also place a tab on one side so that finally assembling is easier.

Score each of the fold lines (where the tower sides join) and use the tab you added to close the tower. If the tower is crooked, trim the base to level it.