Introduction: Geocache Hacks: Beauty Shop

If you're into scavenger hunts, treasure maps, venturing off your daily beaten path, and feminism, this instructable is for you! Here you will learn how to hack old makeup containers to be repurposed for geocaching. The concept behind choosing makeup containers is to not only salvage perfectly good objects, but also to place them at sites relevant to feminist history. This instructable will only talk about hacking the makeup, it will not guide you to the hiding spots - If you are interested in finding these geocaches, look for kdredbird on Happy hacking + caching!

Step 1: Collect Specimens

Lucky for me, I have a huge box of makeup. Some of it has been in there for a good five years, yikes! If you do not wear makeup, try asking a makeup-wearing friend or family member if they have anything that has expired or that they no longer use. Look for objects that will stand up against the weather and that are large enough to hold a geocache log. Logs can get pretty small. Most of the makeup containers that you find will likely be classified as "micro" geocaches. Here is a size chart from, for reference.

Step 2: Acquire Clean-Out Supplies

For the objects that I chose, a knife, toothpicks, and some q-tips seemed sufficient to clean out the unwanted gunk. Since beauty supplies can be pretty gnarly, make sure that you protect your skin and work surfaces, and be mindful of air quality. Nail polish, for example, must be dealt with outside or in extremely well-ventilated areas.

Step 3: Make a Mess

Do what you've got to do to get all of the makeup out of those containers! I ended up needing to use some needle-nosed pliers at one point. This pile of sparkly goodness is pretty toxic so make sure you dispose of things properly. Just FYI --- Nail polish is classified by the EPA as Household Hazardous Waste, so you may want to steer clear of it.

Step 4: Cleanse Containers

After the initial round of emptying the makeup contents from their containers, I needed to give them a proper cleansing. This can be an exercise in patience! Makeup likes to stick.

Step 5: Prepare Geocache Logs

Geocache logs come in multiple dimensions and there are many online sites that provide them for free. Try to to find the size that works for your container. Print and cut your logs to prepare them for insertion.

Step 6: Prepare Your Beauty Shop Geocaches!

Now comes the second-most fun part: finding clever ways of inserting your logs into the containers. For the containers that I have, a few methods were used: rolling the log like a scroll for the lipstick container, accordion folding it into the compact mirror, and wrapping it around the eyeshadow brush. I broke the black compact with my aggressive cleaning tactics, and the nail polish is still sitting in an acetone bath, so those are currently out of commission. NOW for the fun part ---- hiding the geocaches! Have fun and remember to watch out for muggles!


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-02-07

Great idea! Hide it in plain site. But noone knows that there is a secret except the geocachers.

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