Picture of Geocaching Magnetic Pen
If you're geocaching, sometimes you need a magnet. Either it's at home or in the car far away.
In some steps you build the ultimate magnetic stylus.
Thanks to Reika for the inspiration
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Step 1: Step one - the magnet

Picture of step one - the magnet
you need a (neodym) supermagnet 4mm diameter , length 10mm

Step 2: The Pencil and the Magnet

Picture of The Pencil and the Magnet
what you've to assemble at last.
the magnet and a Uniball PowerTank ECO, a commonly used pen in geocaching.

Step 3: Disassembled

Picture of Disassembled
The stylus disassembled

Step 4: Where the Magnet fits

Picture of Where the Magnet fits
The magnet fits inside the transparent tip. for that you've to shorten the green part.
Don't cut too much. :)
correct it with a knife until it fits

Step 5: Assemble & Test

Picture of Assemble & Test
Assemble the stylus and test it with something magnetic

Hint:  Do NOT glue the magnet. Probably you need to reverse the polarity

Did you use any adhesive when putting the cap back on the mechanical element of the pen?
ursm (author)  audreyobscura2 years ago
as I mentioned, I did not glue it into the cap.
the reason is, that the the magnetic poles go like at the small side of it.
=== ===
=== N -- S ===
=== ===
so you can change it, if you reverse it.