Step 24: Make a Rebar Bender

Picture of Make a Rebar Bender
Rebar 2.jpg
Now it time to anchor your dome to the 12' X 12' area where you have cleared the grass. You will use twenty pieces of bent rebar to anchor your dome into the ground.

To see a visual of how to make a rebar bender (jig) and bend the rebar to hold down the dome, visit this website:

The offsite link to the monkeyc.org rebar bender illustrations no longer works, but the rebar bender shown here is intuitively obvious:

Take one hunk of railway tie, four honkin' big bolts with large heads, and a four-foot piece of 3/4" plumbing pipe or conduit. Sink the bolts halfway into the railroad tie as shown. My guess is that they're about an inch and a quarter apart. I don't know why the back two are staggered like that, but doubtless there's a reason for it. To use: thread rebar between the bolts. Slide the pipe onto the rebar. Stand on the railway tie. Have your friend stand on the railway tie too. Use the pipe as a long-handled lever to bend the rebar.

I found instructions for a somewhat more elaborate and full-featured DIY rebar bender here: How to make rebar bender.
The link for monkeyc.org's bender has changed to
haven't checked out your alternate link..... great instructions so far!