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People who know me would not describe me as "artistic". "Autistic", maybe (don't worry, I'm not, my parents had me tested...jeez, now I feel like Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory). Definitely "nerdy". You know what, let's go with "cerebral", since that sounds the least insulting. Yeah, I'm a very "cerebral" person.

Anyway, a few months ago, I noticed the walls in my new apartment were looking kind of bare, so I decided to spruce them up a bit. Being a broke med student, I wanted to make something myself rather than investing the money I don't have in someone else's art, and being decidedly "cerebral", I knew it wouldn't end up being too creative. As I was cruising the Internetz, I stumbled across this awesome piece and got inspired to make my own version. Again, being a broke med student I have very little wall space that is already taken, so I ended up deciding to expand the design to take up the whole blank wall (I also happen to be a huge fan of optical illusions, so I took to this split design particularly well). The end result is the colorful monstrosity you see here.

Step 1: Tape Out the Design

The first step is to gather your canvases and tape out the design (you'll eventually be painting the canvases and removing the tape, leaving the design to be seen in negative). For this piece I used 9 canvases that were each 16"x16" (or something like that) from Utrecht (really cheap, like $6 a piece or so). And yes, being the "cerebral" person I am, I measured out all of the distances to make sure it was all symmetrical. Just remember that pencil marks are insanely difficult to erase from canvas, so when you place your marks, make sure you don't tape over them (so they'll end up covered by paint).

Don't forget to tape all the way over the edges!
<p>I made this! But I did have trouble with the stale not sticking really well and the paint dripped where it was supposed to be white.</p>
<p>After you placed the tape, don't begin painting with color but put a white layer or two all over the canvas and tape either in order to seal them together. When the white paint will be completely dry, then paint the color. You'll be amazed when you'll rip off the tape. Bye</p>
<p>I use brushed acrylic paint but it works with spay paint as well</p>
Is that just masking tape?? Fabulous!!!
That looks awesome! Great idea :)

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