Geometric Prism Decor





Introduction: Geometric Prism Decor

Very inexpensive way to jump on this popular trend right now!

**Check out the FULL TUTORIAL ABOVE**

Step 1: Materials


Spray paint colour of choice


Fishing line/thin wire

Step 2: Prepare Straws

Cut off the bendy part of all your straws

Create 10 long lengths and 2 medium lengths

**You can experiment with different lengths to create different shapes. For the most part you are creating triangle and diamond shapes--so have fun!**

Step 3: Construction

Thread 2 long straws and 1 medium straw together with fishing line and tie it off.


Add 2 long straws with fishing line to each triangle to form the diamond shapes seen above.

Step 4: Construction Part 2

Thread long strand of fishing line through the centre shorter straw of one diamond shape.

Then thread a long straw, then through the centre shorter straw of the second diamond.

The fishing line should be strung between 4 straws.

Tie the two ends together. It should form a rectangle shape.

Tie the tips of the diamond to one another with small piece of fishing line.

Trim off any excess

Step 5: Paint & Hang

Experiment with different shapes

Spray paint each shape

**Metallic paint works best to resemble metal in this case**

These can rest on a table top or can be hung from the ceiling with additional fishing line



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No to be rude but none of these shapes are actually prisms. Over all a very nice 'ible.

Love the rustic/chic setup! Nice tutorial

Thanks! I got the radio as a gift from a friend--and love it. :)