Step 1: Paper

Today I'm going to help you make geometry dash picture. First you need to get a peace of paper out and color pencils and one more thing a pencil

Step 2:

Scribble the geometry dash icon out with pencil lightly and use a black color pencil.

Step 3:

Color in the icon with any color that you want

Step 4:

Shade it in and earase one spot on the right of both eye balls

Step 5:

If you want to you can add your geometry dash name at the bottom to look better I almost forgot color it in.

Step 6:

Check out my levels on geometry dash and check my every play vidoes my name on every play is halomaster0987 and my geometry dash name is halomaster09875
<p>Great tutorial. Thanks for sharing. </p>
To me it didn't come out right

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