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Step 1: Paper

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Today I'm going to help you make geometry dash picture. First you need to get a peace of paper out and color pencils and one more thing a pencil

Step 2:

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Scribble the geometry dash icon out with pencil lightly and use a black color pencil.

Step 3:

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Color in the icon with any color that you want

Step 4:

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Shade it in and earase one spot on the right of both eye balls

Step 5:

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If you want to you can add your geometry dash name at the bottom to look better I almost forgot color it in.

Step 6:

Check out my levels on geometry dash and check my every play vidoes my name on every play is halomaster0987 and my geometry dash name is halomaster09875


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-07-05

Great tutorial. Thanks for sharing.

To me it didn't come out right

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