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Sorry guys, I cannot add image notes...but I'm open to questions, if any... 
Anyway I think the most important thing is the inspiration...


Scoasch (author)2011-11-03

Nice. What did you use on the base to keep it from sliding?

mapteo (author)Scoasch2011-11-10

That is leather from an old skirt, the smooth side is pasted to the wood base, the rough side is the anti-sliding surface.

zazenergy (author)2011-03-09

This is very cute! I can't tell -- does it light up on its own? Other than the bulb, what are the other materials you used to make this. Thanks for sharing!

mapteo (author)zazenergy2011-03-11

Thanks Z.! No, it doesn't light up.. that could be the upgrade for the next one!
The body is fir wood, covered with an adhesive sheet of material that seems peach skin if you touch it. At the beginning my idea was to paint it with spray, but the paint I chose was weird on wood and so I covered it.
The base, the mouth and the eyes are walnut, with a thin coat of acrlyc transparent spray. The very bottom layer of the base is leather, glued upside down so it works as anti-slippery surface.

zazenergy (author)mapteo2011-03-11

It's really cute!

knife141 (author)2011-03-09


mapteo (author)knife1412011-03-11


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