Picture of How to easily make a paper gun that shoots.
Roll it Landscape and tape it up.
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Step 1: Other way

Picture of Other way
Then roll another sheet portrait around the other then tape it up.

Step 2: Snippy

Picture of Snippy
Cut an few incisions the same length away from the end so it completely covers it.

Step 3: Snip Snip

Picture of Snip Snip
Cut off excess round the back.

Step 4: Fold another piece

Picture of Fold another piece
Fold once and again and again until it looks like this and stick it on the side, make sure it is stuck to the piece of paper on top.

Step 5: Load it

Picture of Load it
And blow once a bullet is loaded (anything)
Starboy0017 months ago
Pics no clear
PhilipL210 months ago

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Sabinbp4 years ago
Its a good idea can you pleace make something like this but uses PVC thnx
BasketBallFreak (author)  Sabinbp4 years ago
I currently cannot get hold of any supplies like that but when i can il be sure to upload it.
ok thnx a lot dude keep on imaginin :)
mfalah4 years ago
That is a nice project but the picture is not full.
BasketBallFreak (author)  mfalah4 years ago
If you could tell me which picture you do not follow and i will upload another or explain it better!
Thank You