If you are like me and think the default Arduino IDE is horrid, you need to start using Sublime Text and Stino. Sublime Text is a superb, elegant text editor (download it here: http://www.sublimetext.com/3). Stino is a plugin for Sublime Text that extends it's functionality to Arduino. With Stino, you can compile and upload projects, read and write serial data, and much, much more.

Side note: all screenshots were taken using the amCoder theme for Sublime Text (https://github.com/auiWorks/amCoder).

Step 1: Install Package Control

Once you have Sublime Text installed, the next step is to install Package Control. Package Control is a package manager for Sublime Text.

  1. Go to the website: https://packagecontrol.io/installation
  2. Select your Sublime Text version
  3. Copy the installation command (import ...)
  4. Open Sublime Text
  5. Open the console (ctrl + `)
  6. Paste the command and hit enter
  7. Restart Sublime Text

Step 2: Install Stino

By default, Stino is not in the Package Control package list. You will need to add it.

  1. Open Sublime Text.
  2. Open command palette (Ctrl + Shift + P).
  3. Type 'Package Control: Add Repository' and hit enter.
  4. Paste the following link in the field at the bottom of the screen: https://github.com/gepd/Stino/tree/new-stino
  5. Now Package Control knows about Stino, but you still need to install it. Open the command palette again.
  6. Type 'Package Control: Install Package' and hit enter.
  7. Type 'Stino' and hit enter.
  8. Restart Sublime Text.

Step 3: Enjoy

You should now have a new tab called Arduino after help in the toolbar. From here, you can connect your Arduino, upload to it, and use the serial monitor to debug it.

<p>While you could make these instructions a bit more descriptive (consider if the user has never used Sublime), I got it up and running in short order. Ended up having to restart Sublime a couple of times and I've not compiled nor uploaded via Sublime, but everything else (examples, code highlighting) works a treat. Good deal. </p>

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