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In this modern web 2.0 world, everyone seems to have their own blog. An unmoderated, and universal way of expressing your opinions. Some are personal, others are news based and some are just hilarious.

So why is it you don't have a blog yet?
> Price?
> Difficulty?
> Long set-up?
> Can't see the benefit?
> Price?
> Fear you might get repetitive?

Well now you can conquer all those issues and get your word out there, for a low cost, at a great quality and without having to rely on other people or a blog company where your blog just fades out of sight.

What do I need and what will it cost me?
You'd be amazed at how cheap it can be to get really nicely stuck into blogging, with your own domain name i.e. or whatever, and a good hosting package.

> Domain name: This is how people will find your blog, a domain name is the address in the bar at the top of your browser e.g. http://''''''. You can get some really nice deals on domains at GoDaddy at the moment, there selling .com .net .org .us and more for less than 10 bucks a domain, and that sets you up for the whole year, and will include a big bag of extras for your domain courtesy of GoDaddy

> Hosting: Find a web host that gives good rates and is well reviewed. Be wary of hosts that offer unlimited services, as they may be overselling there servers.
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Step 1: Set up your domain

Picture of Set up your domain
Your web host will email you and tell you their name servers, give them to GoDaddy and wait for GoDaddy to set that up, it should only take a max of 24 hours, meanwhile start planning your blog, or read the first chapter of a Harry Potter book, or something else that takes 24 hours.
hguvg5 years ago
If youre looking for AWESOME hosting service with low price and cPanel, Go to Unlimited Email accounts.
hguvg5 years ago
I installed wordpress, saw this and installed b2evolution. The only thing I found different was that b2evolution made an automatic RSS Feed. cPanel Is AWESOME!!!!
miiwii35 years ago
read the first chapter of a harry potter book or something else that takes 24 hours...

lol! oh jeez nice one though uh it took me 6 days to read the entire series and i am under 18 no gonna say how old but i cant vote >:(

not kidding either and don't even waste your time saying your a liar because i did i know it my mom knows it my dad and all my relatives and friends know it and i don't care if you believe it or not
I don't have a blog because I don't suffer from narcissistic personality disorder ;-)
Lol, i don't actively maintain a personal blog either. it's just a lot of people nowadays do, so i was just wanting to tell people how they can as well. Some people have interesting stuff to say, and so, they should get blogging.